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The trend with clients today is they want maximum performance from their skin care and they want control of the mixology of their products. The trademarked “booster infusion system” is the answer! YOU take control of your makeup!


Elle Marie Beauty – Booster Infusion System

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What makes ELLE MARIE BEAUTY different?

Quite simply our trademarked “booster infusion system”™ separates and elevates us above other skin care products!

What is the booster infusion system?

It is an advanced infusion system that was designed for both men and women, and has never been available on the market previously.  It targets the face, eyes, neck, lips, lashes and body.

The trend with clients today is they want maximum performance from their skin care and they want control of the mixology of their products. The trademarked “booster infusion system” is the answer!

Custom Mixology – Create your “Skin Cocktail”

  • Our Scientifically advanced products and “booster Infusion system” allow clients to customize their beauty needs for maximum results
  • Custom select the amount and the type of the booster to mix and create your own “SKIN COCKTAIL” for your needs
  • Customize your “SKIN COCKTAIL” for your skin type and condition today and your changing needs such as Dehydration, Stress Damage, Fine Lines, Seasonal Changes, Travel, and Environmental Changes.
  • Cutting edge technology allows you to utilize EMB products or your favorite product to mix your “SKIN COCKTAIL”

For clients wanting luxurious skin products for their face and wanting the ability to customize the active ingredients to specifically boost performance for their individual needs ELLE MARIE BEAUTY is the solution.  We use botanicals, plant and fruit stem cell giving your outer body needed antioxidants, collagen, moisturizer and healing effects as a sun screen.

ELLE MARIE BEAUTY has trademarked our booster infusion system because of its unique benefits to the skin. We start with top–tier chemists who formulate our clinically infused products using pharmaceutical grade raw materials and use state of the art manufacturing and testing. Then the magic starts with the introduction of our Booster infusion activators. These boosters address specific needs such as anti-aging, collagen repair, dark circles, and superior hydration, lock for 8 hours, lighting, brightening, fine lines and more. We have scientifically designed the unique combination of the infused product and the booster to cause them to work in concert synergistically to deliver maximum efficacy and benefit to your skin.

You chose the amount of the booster and the type or combination of boosters for your needs. Our boosters can be used in other products and provide benefit, however all the ELLE MARIE BEAUTY products are specifically formulated and clinically infused to deliver maximum results.

The booster infusion system allows you access to the highest quality formulations to provide you a healthy and youthful looking appearance.

We blend nature and science, and we are paraben-free and sulfate-free using many plant and fruit stem cells.




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